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Two-way Voice Support

Two-Way Voice is a feature that can be added to most security systems.  Using a heightened audio device (speakers and microphones), it provides immediate communication between those in your home and your monitoring provider.  More than just a panic button, once your alarm has been tripped, it allows security personnel to instantly listen in and communicate with anyone in any room of the house. 

Two-way voice can be useful in a number of ways: if the alarm goes off and no one is at your residence, live voice broadcasts from security personnel can scare off intruders.  If you or your family members happen to be home during a break-in, you can position yourselves in the safest room and directly communicate with security personnel until help arrives.

In the case of an unexpected fire, authorities can help locate any members of the family in any room, ensuring the highest possible degree of safety.

Two-way voice technology, like the Lifewatch speaker pendant, has long been the industry standard for medical and personal emergency (PERS) alarms.  They are often smaller, portable alarms that can be worn around your neck, belt-loop or attached to your keychain.  A sophisticated walkie-talkie system enables users to directly communicate with central monitoring stations that can effectively handle the emergency.

Since two-way voice provides instant two-way communication, and can easily determine an emergency situation, it greatly reduces false alarm dispatches.  CPI Security offers a similar product, called “Real Time Response.” They guarantee that it will eliminate false alarms and agree to cover any municipal fines that occur as a result of a glitch in their system.