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Panic Buttons and PERS

Panic buttons are one type of emergency response system (“PERS”).  Most home security alarm systems come with panic buttons.  Some are built into the control panel and others are stand-alone units that can be activated separately from the main alarm system. Panic buttons can ensure safety and peace of mind when they are placed by the bedside or worn around your neck or bracelet, allowing you to call for help when you perceive a threat before the security system is able to.  Some panic buttons also enable you to control lights within your home and perimeter.

When activated, they alert your central monitoring station.  Ask your monitoring provider what their protocol is for monitoring panic buttons, i.e., how do they contact you when the button is pushed?  How many additional people will they contact on your behalf?  And who do they engage as emergency help?

Remote panic buttons are available that can be worn on your person or keyfob and can transmit signals via satellite from anywhere.  These are especially helpful to people with medical conditions are those traveling in dangerous areas. The GE Security Crystal Pendant Panic Sensor allows you to alert police, medical or other alarms wirelessly from a unit worn as a pendant or watch.  The pendant uses an LED display that blinks while the alarm signal is being transmitted. 

Stand-alone panic buttons are also common in small businesses where they are activated in the case of burglaries or other emergencies.