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Your Guide to Medical and Personal Emergency Systems

Emergency monitoring systems, sometimes referred to as medical alert or panic buttons, are electronic devices that connect you to immediate help at the touch of a button. They were originally created for use at hospitals using a simple intercom technology.  Now they are available in a variety of modules that can be connected to your choice of monitoring service.  They call also be set up to alert personal contacts via their cell phones either in place of or in addition to an emergency monitoring company. 

Medical Alert Systems and Monitoring

In the case of a medical emergency, a quick response by medical professionals can make a huge difference - either you survive or you don’t.  Emergency Monitoring Systems are personal, and usually portable, alarm devices.  They can be worn around the neck, wrist or ankle, or hand-held like key fobs, and are often used as medical alert systems.  They are widely accepted as conventional accessories in elderly communities where they help residents to enjoy an independent and safe lifestyle.  Active individuals with specific health concerns, like diabetics, also tend to carry portable panic buttons or “medical alerts systems” that connect to emergency response centers who are then able to locate the subscriber using a GPS signal.

Not all central monitoring stations handle EMS, but specialty medical monitoring providers exist who coordinate with EMTs to provide immediate response in the event of a medical emergency. Panic buttons are similar to EMS, in that they too can be hand-held devices that are activated manually, however the monitoring process is usually different.

Personal Emergency and Panic Buttons

Stand-alone panic buttons are also common in small businesses where they are activated in the case of burglaries or other emergencies, although usually they are part of a more comprehensive security system.  In some newer wireless alarm systems, the panic buttons are located on remote controls that activate the control panel, which then alerts the monitoring service before an actual alarm is triggered. The could be useful if you happen to be home witnessing an intruder at your property.