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Home Security 101: Guides Index

Home Security Buyer is a resource for consumers.  We provide you with all the information you need to find the best home security system with the features that are right for you.  Please browse the topics below, use our forum to ask questions or the glossary to find a definition - or suggest a new guide by contacting us.  We’d love to hear from you!

Buying an Alarm System

Alarm Systems 101: What to Know Before Your Buy

Finding the Right Alarm System

Alarm System Components - The Basics

Types of Home Security Systems

Hard-Wired Alarm Systems

Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless Alarm Systems

Home Automation, Integrated and Web-based Security Systems

Integrated and Customized Security Systems

Energy-Efficient Home Security Systems

Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring Solutions 101: The Alarm System Monitoring Process

Choosing a Monitoring Provider: Questions to Ask Before You Invest

DIY & Web-based vs. Central Station Monitoring

Your Guide to Monitoring Providers, aka Central Stations

Medical Monitoring and Personal Emergencies

Fire Protection

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Environmental Hazards and Monitoring Solutions

Redundant Monitoring

Burglar Alarms and Statistics

Alarm System Features and Components

Security Equipment 101: Checklist of Equipment

Alarm Signals: POTS, Radio, IP & Cellular Solutions

Sensors and Motion Detectors

Video Surveillance: Cameras and Monitoring Solutions

Access Control

Control Panels


Advanced Security Features

Biometric Technology and Keyless Access Control

Two-Way Voice Support

Panic Buttons

Accessories and Innovative Solutions

Protection Zones

Protection Zones 101: Security Zones and Strategies

Doors and Windows

Interior Safety and Security

Perimeter Security

Home Security Buyer Resources

DIY Risk Assessment and Tips for Maximum Safety

False Alarm Reduction and Municipal Codes

Home Security Professionals and Authorized Dealers

Security Installation: Provessional vs. DIY Installation

Alarm System Certification: How Important Is It?

Insurance Discounts for Home Security and Safety Improvements

Glossary of Security Terms