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Environmental Hazards and Monitoring Solutions

What are Environmental Hazards?

Insurance claims due to temperature extremes, humidity, water damage and other environmental factors total more than $4 billion per year, with an average claim of $3000.  In fact, Americans file more property insurance claims due to environmental damage than fire and burglary combined, so much so that insurance companies are beginning to give breaks for adding these companies to conventional security systems.  Devices that warn against hazardous like dangerous power outages or leakage can be integrated with existing security systems or set up as web-based systems that are monitored virtually using an internet connection.

Environmental Sensors & Monitoring Solutions

In addition to protecting your property, environmental sensors can also save you money by alerting you to a disproportionate usage of utilities; for instance, the systems can detect excessive rises in heat levels, in addition to moisture or water leaks.  But the most compelling benefit could be the safety factor: environmental sensors can also detect dangerous radon and carbon monoxide levels.  For less than $100 each (if added to an existing device), they provide great added value helping you to create a comprehensive strategy of action to safeguard your property and loved ones.    

Because most central stations don’t handle monitoring of environmental sensors and environmental sensors don’t always integrate with all security systems (although they do integrate with most modern wireless systems), there has been a trend in the security industry toward “stand-alone” or "DIY" web-based components, which allow customers to handle the monitoring themselves.  The solutions typically require you to purchase a central control panell (sometimes called “host”); it might include some sensors, otherwise it will come equipped with a certain number of “stalls” - typically between four and eight.

The Sensaphone is an environmental monitoring solution that connects to any Ethernet network and allows for up to eight sensors.  Customers can view stats, program changes and review a data history of conditions like temperature levels, smoke, power, humidity, and even fire and physical security.  It also integrates with CCTV and video surveillance equipment. A great selling factor for this type of system is that, since it is completely DIY, there are no monthly monitoring fees or installation fees.  Depending on which model you get, the Sensaphone will notify between four to eight different people or phone numbers when an alarming event occurs.  It will use your landline to ring the numbers and will not stop until someone responds to the call.  Other environmental monitoring solutions operate similarly allowing you to check all your environmental levels with one web summary.  Many will also alert you via email or text messages when conditions are within dangerous levels.