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Integrated and Customized Security Systems

From intelligent video to people tracking, the communications, entertainment, environmental safety and security industries have collided, empowering customers with the ability to not only monitor their own homes, but also to control and activate their machines from anywhere in the world.  The next generation of security products and systems has converged with most other industries’ innovation efforts and technological advances to provide customers with the most efficient, ergonomic and affordable integrated devices imaginable.

 Environmental Threats & Web-based Monitoring

Integrated security systems that protect against environmental threats, like smoke, fire and carbon monoxide have become more sophisticated and can also detect climate changes, precipitation,  motion and sound.  The devices often incorporate technology that is “hybrid” and can accommodate both analog or digital (wired or wireless) inputs.  Devices that warn against hazardous conditions like dangerous power outages or leakage can be integrated with existing security systems or set up as web-based systems that are monitored virtually using an internet connection.

 Smart Home Systems

Blend thrifty and sustainable with security conscious and you get automatic integrated home security systems, aka smart home systems. Essentially these are traditional home security systems (with sensors at one end and an alarm at the other) combined with a super high-tech remote control that can do everything from turn on your lights to turn down your thermostat. Integrated systems are fast becoming the norm among home security providers who offer unique feature sets.  Some include voicemail, while others allow you to integrate pet access, fans and/ or pool heating. 

 Automated Access Control

Many homeowners are seeking out the best gateway for access control; they want the convenience of supervising and regulating entry and exit to their property - whether to keep wayward teenagers in, trespassers and solicitors out, or to allow access only at certain times, e.g. to a UPS agent, pet or housekeeper, integrated security systems can truly delegate access privileges.  There are even alarm notification systems that will send an email or text message to parents when their children arrive home from school.

Cameras can be integrated into an intercom so you don’t have to answer the door without first knowing who is there.   Integrated security system can link all your security equipment, including sensors, electrical fencing, environmental detectors and video and access control devices to your central console, which is usually accessed by a touch screen key pad, so you can easily monitor and manage safety levels. These automated systems are sometimes called total security management systems.