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Burglar Alarms and Crime Prevention

Since the 1980s, nation-wide crime statistics have actually dropped in most areas, including theft, burglary and property damage due to vandalism.  At the same time, home security sales have increased.  Could there be a correlation?  We think so: declining crime statistics don’t take into account “failed” burglary attempts, which is what happens when an intruder is scared away by the piercing sounds of an alarm’s siren or the freakish sight of strobe lights.  Criminals are intimidated by homes that display evidence of security systems - signs and stickers are proven deterrents.  Crimes are usually committed in bulk, so the prevention of one crime (unlawful entry) might actually protect you against several other crimes, like assault, robbery, or worse.

A good home security systems will reliably protect your assets and loved ones, while providing you with a sense of assurance and invulnerability.  It will not only defend your home, making you impervious to criminals,  but can also protect you against severe weather, toxic gasses and even uninvited guests.

Regardless of which system you choose, having a sign that advertises a credible home security service is sometimes all that is takes to deter a potential intruder.