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Find an Alarm System: Benefits to Buying

The Basics

At their most basic, security systems consist of a control panel, an alarm, a device that triggers the alarm and a monitoring service that receives the signal, verifies that it was not a false alarm and dispatches help.  Other components are video surveillance equipment and software, additional sensors and detectors, accident and panic buttons, tracking devices and advanced integration and automation services.

Hard-wired vs. Wireless Systems

Since the 1990s, more and more houses are being built with security systems already hard-wired into place. Security systems tend to increase the assessed value of a home.  In some communities, homeowners associations often cover the monitoring costs.  These hard-wired systems can usually be upgraded or customized to more modern, integrated and/ or automated systems.

Over 27% of households in the United States no longer have landlines - and this number is growing each year.  Wireless security systems are becoming more mainstream.  These are often more flexible (compatible with a variety of brands and transmission signals, which allows for greater freedom and leverage when choosing a monitoring provider); in addition, they boast more features than ever before, including remote (Broadband/ IP) monitoring, personal alarm and tracking devices and advanced video surveillance controls.  Wireless systems are easier to install and are portable, so they are ideal for people who are renting or not ready to invest in more permanent solutions.

Integrated and Automated Systems

Integrated security systems that protect against environmental threats, like smoke, fire and carbon monoxide have become more sophisticated and can also detect climate changes, precipitation,  motion and sound. 

Whether you want a basic alarm that scares off potential intruders, a sophisticated CCTV system that enables you to discern solicitors from welcome guests (enhancing your privacy), while keeping track of your family, pets and assets, or remote access that empowers you with unlimited control of household appliances and environmental levels while far from home (decreasing your utility costs), almost any system is better than none at all (and you get insurance breaks too!).

There are so many different types of security systems on the market today that locating the right one can be a bit of a challenge. We are here to help you find a home security system that does what you want it to do without doing what you don’t need it to do, limits your exposure and liabilities and increases your general feeling of well-being.