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Advanced Security Features

Getting the Most from Your Security System:  Protection, Control and Ease

Home security systems have advanced well beyond the traditional “call and response” mechanism used to notify proper authorities that your residence has been invaded. The next generation of security products and systems has converged with most other industries’ innovation efforts and technological advances to provide customers with the most efficient, ergonomic and affordable integrated devices imaginable.  From intelligent video to people tracking, communications, entertainment, environmental safety and security industries have collided, empowering customers with the ability to not only monitor their own homes, but also to control and activate their machines from anywhere in the world.

Innovative, Integrated Solutions

Innovations in multi-media environments and networks are driving the security industry into new phases of evolution.  Protection of property, people and assets is still a concern, but it may no longer be the primary reason customers purchase security systems.  Many homeowners are seeking out the best gateway for access control; they want the convenience of supervising and regulating entry and exit to their property - whether to keep wayward teenagers in, trespassers and solicitors out, or to allow access only at certain times, e.g. to a UPS agent, pet or housekeeper, integrated security systems can truly delegate access privileges.  There are even alarm notification systems that will send an email or text message to parents when their children arrive home from school.   SMS messages are typical for notifying residents of events like power outages or alarm conditions.

Other customers appreciate the automated mechanisms that allow for integration of many home appliances and equipment, i.e. “multi-tasker’s heaven.”  Customers can view video footage of their backyard from the flat-screen TV in their bedroom, where they can also control the thermostat, activate lights and entertainment systems and mobilize whatever zones they want to protect, all while they simultaneously check emails and surf the web.  Some people have even cited that their security systems have helped them locate lost items, like keys, simply by watching a few minutes of video footage.

Environmental sensors are available to coordinate with whatever make and model of security system you already have; there are also many stand-alone varieties to choose from.  Hybrid systems exist that take analog and/or digital sensors; customers can monitor the levels online and are alerted, in many cases, before any dangerous conditions occur.   In fact, using web-based applications, conditions can be monitored and evaluated in real-time, including heat levels and gas and electrical usage.  In addition to increased satisfaction and comfort, consumers can also enjoy saving money while supporting green initiatives, like reducing waste by limiting unnecessary heat and electrical usage.

Innovative solutions are also being created for consumers who want a versatile and portable safety net.  From asset tracking devices to personal emergehcy response systems there’s sure to be a device that suits your specific situation.  Advanced features like biometric locks, redundant monitoring and two-way voice are available for customize who wish to customize their systems to their own personal criteria. Knowing that you’re resistant to exposure can provide you with a lasting sense of serenity and ease.