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Things to Know Before Your Buy

Alarm systems run the gamut from very basic units to highly sophisticated automated devices that integrate with a world of equipment - from home entertainment systems to thermostats and lights.  Like with any significant purchase, having an understanding of the market and available products before you buy will increase your satisfaction while limiting losses, which is exactly what you want a home security system to do for you in the first place. Whether you prefer hard-wired , wireless or hybrid systems, touch screen keypads or voice activated, any alarm system is better than none at all - and some can even save money on electric bills and homeowner's insurance costs! 

Choosing a system that best complements your lifestyle and budget can be tricky since there are many factors to consider, including the choice of technology used to transmit the alarm signal, the types of monitoring services you wish to employ and the features and components of the system itself, such as advanced access controlasset tracking, CCTV and live video streaming or innovative web-based solutions.


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